New Year, New Book Release for Hanna Street

HS Cover I am pleased to announce that Hanna Street is now available as in trade paperback format. Some of you know this book’s story. It was my first novel, and was optioned for film in the spring of 2001. While being considered by a number of large traditional publishers, 9/11 happened, and the world turned upside down. This little novel was abandoned here in the states.

However, a fine young editor named Maria Duerig loved the book and bought German translation rights for Bertlesmann. It was printed in Germany in January 2002 and had a very successful run there. I went to work in film and wrote scripts instead of books.

Fast forward to 2014. I dusted off the manuscript, read it, and fell in love with the characters all over again. So, I formatted the book for print and published. It is available through Amazon in two formats – trade paperback or Kindle ebook.

Here’s the link to the page.  Buy. Read. Spread the word.

Thank you.

Surfacing for a Breath


I hate orphaned blogs. I really do. I hate boring blogs more than I hate orphans, so that’s something. Just wanted to let you know that I have not lost interest in this online journal. So much has happened in the “real world” this past year that I have not been getting time to keep this page updated, or my Facebook page, or the Twitter feed. I’ve thrown a few pictures up on Pinterest, and have put off joining Google+ cause I can’t juggle one more social media site. These days, I do most of my professional networking through Linked In.

In the past year, my hubby and I have started two new businesses, closed one, moved, started a job, spoken at conferences and produced a major public wellness event. We’ve missed family events, lost our beloved dog, Buddy, and aged more than I thought possible in a year. On a bright note, I finally found some relief from the chronic nerve pain I have been living with for more than 7 years. The amazing little FG Xpress Power Strips have made it possible for me to begin writing fiction again – something I haven’t been able to do for several years.

As summer begins, I find myself launching a new wellness magazine, working on two books, and redefining what it is we do. Some very big doors have opened, and I’ll be back soon to tell you all about what life looks like going forward… but for now, I’m back to work. I wanted you to know I’m not gone, just working faster than ever before.

Bark Less, Wag More


Bark Less, Wag More by Suzette Brawner and Jill Brawner Jones

Bark Less, Wag More by Suzette Brawner and Jill Brawner Jones

I am surfacing again after months of non-stop promo on our wellness company here in SW Missouri, to tell you about a friend’s book. Bark Less, Wag More just made its debut in the Amazon Kindle Store. Its author is my good friend, Suzette Brawner and her equally gorgeous daughter, Jill Brawner Jones.

I call Suzette a “professional encourager” because that’s what she does – encourages you to pick yourself up and move one little step at a time, until you are running through whatever circustance tripped you up.

Common sense is in short supply in today’s world, and so is compassion. This mother-daughter team has both. They both have the capacity to light up a room when they walk in, and you’re always the better for it.

Suz also does public speaking. (Jill joins her when her schedule permits.) Suzette speaks all across the country and is in high demand to keynote at womens retreates and conferences. I have the good fortune to be able to pick up the phone and call her whenever I need a boost. I am blessed. If you don’t know Suzette, don’t fret. Just snap up the Kindle e-book and a good cup of coffee, and have yourself a good read. You’ll feel much better!

Visit Suzette’s website and learn more about other books written by Suzette and Jill, and upcoming speaking engagements.

Talk Show Update

girl at Radio

We’ve just wrapped Show #6 and I’ve already learned one thing: I love this talk show! Happy, Healthy & Wise allows me to work in media again, and in an entirely new format – live radio! I’ve worked in movies, tv and publishing, but live radio is different. It’s immediate. No second takes. No rewriting the script. The spontaneous anything-can-happy element is what I find so fascinating. It keeps you on your toes, for sure.

We’ve had our share of technical malfunctions, and I had an asthma attack on air last week – Mitch filled in seamlessly until I was able to speak again.  We’ve also interviewed an eclectic mix of guests. The show has three focus areas: health & wellness (a broad topic that covers absolutely anything that affects you and your health) help for business owners and entrepreneurs (hey, it’s the Wild West out there!) and travel & entertainment. Our goal is to find the right mix of information, helpful resources and fun for our listeners.

This coming Friday, April 19, we’re going to focus on entertainment and I’m really excited about this show. Why? Because I get to talk about publishing! My guests will be Randy Plummer and Lisa Pitts – both are professional musicians, one is a teacher, the other is a performer. One has written a Christmas fiction story; the other is working on a non-fiction project. We’re going to talk about what it takes to make a living in the arts, and hopefully share some information with listeners who aspire to work in any artistic discipline.

I welcome your calls! Live radio is made for audience involvement, so tune in this Friday at 2pm and give me a call. Thanks for the kind notes of encouragement these past few weeks. It’s been a whirlwind. We have a new show website in the works; it will link you to all our guests and sponsors. That should be up and running soon, so stay tuned.

Have a grand week, and I’ll catch you on the air Friday on Happy, Healthy & Wise!

Update: Happy, Healthy & Wise ended its run in March2014. Thanks for listening!

The Easter Cake

I wanted to share a few photos from our family Easter feast – and this time, I had absolutely nothing to do with this culinary disaster. I’ve had a very rough week physically so my sweet SIL Sandy made one of her wonderful angel food cakes. Yum! Alas, it didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

Easter 8

First came the icing  food color malfunction. She was aiming for bright spring yellow. The color she got was closer to Cheese Whiz. Then the red jelly beans bled. Eewww.

Easter 6

Undaunted, she pressed on, put it in the cake carrier and headed to the car. And then dropped it.

Easter 053

The unveiling at our house was hysterical. Had to share some pics of The Ugliest Easter Cake.  Hey, there could be a story here…

Easter 051

P.S.  It was delicious!!!  Thank you sweet sweet Sandy! Love you bunches.

Tune in Tomorrow

China-Glaze-Ingrid-5aT- 19 hours and counting.

Sorry, feels like a space launch to me. Tomorrow afternoon our new radio show premieres. No butterflies here. Okay, maybe one. Ginormous. 20 lb. Butterfly. You know I hit the nail polish when I’m stressed. Makes me feel more professional. Yeah well, I’ve painted my nails twice this week. Went for a bold springy red that I found so distressing it kept me awake at night. So I scraped it off and went back to my tried and true Ingrid by China Glaze. Yes, I know. It’s brown.

I am thrilled to report that my very first guest is Jim Brawner, an old friend and true PR professional.  I wanted someone rock steady to co-pilot this shakedown cruise, which is how I’m thinking about this first broadcast.

You are cordially invited to tune it tomorrow at 2 pm and listen to the broadcast. If you’re in the SW MO area, you can turn your radio dial to 560-AM. Or tune in online at the station’s website: KWTO-AM Springfield MO. It’s streaming live. And call me! I take phone calls on this show, so give me a ring. Don’t be shy. Just call. It’ll be fun.

Thanks for your support and I’ll catch you tomorrow on Happy, Healthy & Wise!

Photo from Cafe Makeup.

One More Iron in the Fire


You know how sometimes opportunities come up that you’re not sure you’re ready for, but know you should absolutely do? Well, that happened to me in January.  I was posting along here at a good clip of about 3 updates a week, while balancing the demands of proSyre, the new biometric screening company we co-founded. Life was hectic, but good.

We’d just returned from a screening event in St Louis in time to attend a  new networking event here in Springfield. I was too tired to go, but I’d made the commitment so I painted my nails (cause I always feel much more business-y with fresh nail lacquer) and went.  The event was an over-the-top success – some 750 business owners crammed into an expo center for a half-day meet & greet – sorta like speed dating for business people.

I talked until I nearly lost my voice, and was preparing to leave. Mitch and I have this habit: we do everything on our daily to-do list – and then we do one more thing. He went to thank our host, and I spotted a woman I hadn’t spoken to yet. I went over and introduced myself. Turns out she is the vp of Springfield’s oldest radio broadcasting group; they own 4 stations. We talked for a couple of minutes; she pitched her advertising special which I had no interest in. I told her, “What we do doesn’t fit into a 30 second spot.”

We talked a little more about proSyre, our patient advocacy work, my background in tv and film and she said, “Would you like to host a talk show?” I looked at her and said, “No. But I think I probably will.”

Long story short, I’ll be hosting a new weekly 1 hour radio talk show each Friday afternoon at 2pm beginning this coming Friday, March 8th. Mitch will be producing the show. It’s called Happy, Healthy & Wise and will focus on a broad variety of health and wellness topics – including practitioner interviews, alternative medicine, organic products and green living, solutions small business owners entrepreneurs, etc.

The past few years have been brutal on a lot of us. People have been in survival mode far too long. I think it’s time to start thriving again. So, with that goal in mind, I’ll be interviewing people who have ideas and solutions that listeners will find actually useful!

The broadcast streams live on the radio station’s website, so you can be out of the coverage area and still listen in at KWTO-AM talk radio in Springfield MO.  I’ll be posting updates here and will be building a new site for the show, too, so stay tuned!

If you’d like information about how to feature your product or service, or are interested in sponsoring a segment – drop me an email:


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