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Meet Barbara Spring

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a blog via a Linked In writers’ group. I subscribed and have enjoyed the posts so much I wanted to share these links with you. Barbara Spring (aka GreatLakesWoman on Twitter) is an author, grandmother, former teacher and a correspondent for the Grand Rapids Press. She maintains a website called Dynamic Great Lakes, which is dedicated to the Great Lakes and their ecosystem. She also writes The Dynamic Great Lakes Blog which is filled with even more information about the region, plus personal stories by Barbara and images of some amazing watercolors. Yes, she paints, too.  My ancestors are from the region and I have always been fascinated by Michigan and the lakes, so this has been a wonderful find for me. Barbara’s posts are quiet, thoughtful, and a joy to read. I hope you will drop by The Dynamic Great Lakes website and blog this week, and meet a woman who is dedicated to preserving a national treasure and a way of life.

2 thoughts on “Meet Barbara Spring

  1. Thank you for this blog. I just found it this cold February day and noticed it was posted last June. I am now following you.

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